“40 weeks is an average.”

“Baby will come when Baby is ready.”

“No, we’ve tried all the ‘tricks’ to get labor going in the past and nothing worked.”

“Yes, I’ve hit the point where every day feels like a week in length.”

And so much more.

Allllll of these things I have said, many times, and find myself saying them more and more – to myself and others – here recently because, well, because. 39wks1Day. With Baby No.5. Sidenote: I don’t know why that has to be added there, but somehow, along with every other oddity/uniqueism this pregnancy has brought, I’ll tack on SUPER impatient as well (and I doubt I was very patient with the other four, for that matter).

Maybe I’m just ready to be done. And this time we are DONE DONE, so really, this is the end of an era, so let’s just do it, OK?

Or perhaps I’m just done with the guessing games and the wondering each night if I’m going to sleep or going into labor (or neither), only to do the whole routine again the next night.

But probably I’m just ready to meet this Little One. The anticipation on this hoped for/tried for/but not exactly known was something we’d ever go for (prior to two years ago) Baby has been intense the entire pregnancy. And now more than ever, I just want to hold him or her in my arms and be on the other side of this journey.

I mean, I get it. It’s not actually any easier to have Baby on the outside than on the inside (although I will be able to see my toes again as well as the children and furniture which I keep bumping into which will be helpful), but there comes a point where you just feel ready to dive into the next level of chaos because, dang, it’s coming anyway, and the not-knowing when is crazy making.

Now, by no means do I mean to complain about pregnancy. Thankfully my husband and BFFs absorb most of that with stride and understand that when I whine, it’s not from a lack of gratitude, just an extreme amount of hormones and weeks pregnant (one friend recently pardoned me when I confessed to her about being super grouchy with my kids because I’m “45 weeks pregnant” which made me laugh and laugh because, TRUTH).

And as much as I try to be transparent here on the blog, I’ll keep the list of AYFKMs to myself right now because in the last two weeks there have been such odd (not harmful to the babe, mind you) physical symptoms and side effects and just shtuff that has again made me want to be so done with this part of the journey, that if I went into detail, it would be 1) embarrassing and 2) ungrateful sounding.

So here we are….39wks1day, checking in and knowing that Babe might just stay put for many more days yet to come because above all else, this is not my journey alone.

I mean, not even my belly photos are even my own at this point, so there you have it. 😉 IMG_2532


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