An HD Original

Occasionally we will do, as a family, the Happy/Sad game, also known as High/Low or Rose/Thorn. We’ll go around the dinner table and ask what made each one of us Happy and what made us Sad that day. Because Harrison is just three-and-a-half, he still doesn’t really get the concept of today versus any other day, so often we’ll hear about the same sad for many, many, many days. For example, his very sad today was the splinter he got in his big toe (that happened right before Christmas). But, we carry on and figure that as our family unit grows (and grows up), this will help us all process and communicate more about our days.

Here is my Happy for the day:

That would be a marvelous paper and plastic bead on yarn necklace that Harrison came home wearing today after making it this morning at preschool. Isn’t it fabulous?!

Normally I’m in charge of drop off and pick up, but Ben collected HD both times this week, so it was a fun change of pace for me to greet HD at home instead of in the hallway at school. Today I got a big hug and a, “Will this fit on you, Mama?” when I noticed and complimented his fine neckwear. He pulled it off, handed it to me, and was very pleased to see that it did fit around my (rather big, it’s true) noggin. I was happy, too – so much so that I haven’t taken it off since. I wore it around the house all afternoon and to an appointment; even now, in my comfy clothes, I’m still wearing it proudly.

Little Man was pretty pleased tonight when I told him that what made me Happy today was the necklace he shared with me. But the Happy got even better after his bath and before bed when he came up and gave me a big hug, saying, “Goodnight, Pretty Mama” which has to be the best nickname ever and is totally to the credit of my husband because he calls me that in front of our kids all the time.

So, yes…we had our crappy mid-April snow and a few cranky moments today, but we also had some awesome paper and plastic beads, and some sweet, sweet reasons to smile.

The Designer and his Pretty Mama 


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