Caught Up

What I am about to say is totally self-aggrandizing.

[I’m sorry – isn’t everything on a personal blog a wee bit self-aggrandizing? Which, for the record, I am obviously totally OK with, because this is the place where I get to celebrate and record and memorialize our moments, big, small, and everywhere in the middle, so I’m not going to knock it, I’m just going to take it and I’m going to keep doing it.]

What is the “big” deal, exactly? I am killing it with this self-imposed, self-created yoga and meditation challenge. And that, right now, feels worth sharing. Worth documenting.

Several of you have checked in to update me on your own goal/challenges/progress which I love and I hope you will continue (or start) to do that. We can gather great accountability from one another, not to mention inspiration and motivation.

When I began this in December on the Solstice, I had no idea that I was going to do a 31-Days yoga bit in January, but once it started, I knew I was down, dog (oh my). Of course, as you may remember, after just three days of the new year, the flu swept through our entire household, and while I did manage to keep my goal for that week overall, I missed four days of my yoga challenge.

What I didn’t share in the last blog post about this, however, was how dang disappointed I was about that. Like oddly, really bummed out by being “behind” the rest of the YWA group. I was happy to be back at it, but I wanted to be at the forefront again. Pride in having started on Jan. 1, perhaps? I don’t know. And then I decided, it didn’t really matter that I had to take four days off; what mattered was how I proceeded from there, and if ever there was a teacher or group who would appreciate the Go Your Own Way approach, it was the #yogarevolution bunch. Adriene’s mantra is Find What Feels Good; I mean, c’mon!

And what was my own way? I decided to double up videos (each is roughly half an hour, so doing two in a day meant no different than a regular hour-long class), and slowly, over the course of the last week (which also happened to be my first week of back to teaching – CCC and yoga AND COFFEE-FREE), I did just that, and got caught up yesterday (on Day 15) right where I should have been (and clearly wanted to be) pre-Norovirus. And dang it, doing so doesn’t feel good – it feels GREAT.

Because when you yoga countdown, you <3, not X out the days. 

I mention all of this because with any goal we set ourselves, please remember that the journey and the unfolding are where the growth happens. It is never, ever going to look like you think it will at the beginning. And that is OK. You can adjust. You can start again. You can catch up or re-vision or even undo. You really can make it your own. And from there, you show yourself what your true powers are.

And trust me when I say that taking time for you – for meditation or yoga or running or writing or whatever it is that you do that makes you more you or a better you – is not easy. I think with time and practice, it can get easier, but you have to stay committed. And when you do, by all means, celebrate, document, and self-aggrandize away!




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