Fall Break

Sweet Mary and Joseph, if I could, I would
be doing cartwheels around my house right now. But seeing as I’m 34 1/2 years old and realized two years ago that my wheels don’t like to cart so much any more, I will settle for a victory dance and big ol’ mug of coffee while I write this post.

Why the cause for celebration? Well, some of you are going to hate me for this (I would, if the roles were reversed) and others may think that because I am happy about this, I don’t like my kids (sorry, never true), but my biggest three are gone for THREE nights at Grandma’s house! Say what?! Yeppers – Fall Break began for my cuties this morning and right after lunch, they hit the pavement with Gma to head to the farm for a few days.

img_4123Can you tell how excited they are? If not, let me clarify that from the time they got up this morning (6:30) until the time Grandma got here (shortly before 11:00), Lincoln alone may have asked me “We go to Gamma’s? Gamma be here soon?” no less than 50x. No exaggeration included.

So yes, all are happy and excited about the next three sleeps. I mean, we of course still have Truman at home and he is likely to be a little fussy with his Bigs/Entertainment MIA during those days, but holy moly cow, there are some BIG expectations riding on this time for the hubs and I. As in maybe (please! for the love of all things holy!) we will actually get items checked off our To Do House list that has been Post-it-ed to our refrigerator for five months? And just maybe we’ll be able to get some outside work done to get the yard and garage ready for winter? And perhaps even some school work/grading that we both need to do?

Of course, let’s not forget that my desire to accomplish things around the house is met by an equally large desire to flop my butt on the couch, take a nap (or three), and read a book. That counts for its own kind of productivity, right? Right?!

I guess one way or another, my To Do list will shorten or my Reading List will lengthen. I think I am going to settle for being content no matter the outcome!



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